Welcome to 30 Day Sharp Shooter!

During 30 Day Sharp Shooter you’re going to discover…

  • How to how to get the confidence to shoot with absolute accuracy when your life depends on it 
  • A trigger control secret that not 1 in 1,000 shooters has ever been shown.
  • The “Blank Panel” drill.
  • “Draw to the Wall” drill.
  • How to develop a smooth draw, which will allow you to get your gun out and on target in two seconds or less.
  • The 5-Square Drill.
  • And much more…

30 Day Sharp Shooter is broken down into a daily exercises for you to follow.

So get started and enjoy these exercises that will keep you and your family safer.

– Jason Hanson

Members Area 30 Day Sharp Shooter

Members Area 30 Day Sharp Shooter

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